Coin Toss to Break Tie for $4.1 Million Construction Project

GRETNA, La. (WGNO) – Sometimes tough choices need to be made. You way the pros and cons and make a final decision.

Leaders in Gretna are trying a different approach when faced with a tie low bid for the demolition and construction of the police headquarters.  They’re leaving it up to chance … with a coin toss.

Last month, the Gretna Police Department advertised a construction bid for an approximate $4.5 million demolition/construction project.

At the bid opening seven general contracting companies submitted bid packets, with two tying for the lowest bid.

F.H. Meyer Construction Co. and Trimark Construction LLC. both submitted a low bid of $4,410,000.

“This one in a lifetime project for the Gretna Police Department has now turned into a ‘very rare’ event for choosing a construction firm,” Chief of Police Arthur Lawson said in a release.  “At this point a careful examination of both low bidder submittals was conducted and a tie was confirmed.”

Tonight during a Gretna City Hall Council meeting a simple coin will decide who will be awarded the contract.

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