Drifting Body Floats Away From Recovery Team… Then Back Again

Searchers fought shifting tides to recover a woman’s body, floating in the Intracoastal Waterway.

N.O.P.D detectives raced down a dirt road behind the N.A.S.A Michoud Assembly Facility to get near where a tugboat spotted a body floating around 1:30 pm Friday.

An hour later police said the body drifted across the Intracoastal Waterway close to where Eddie Pinto’s Marina sits at the base of Paris Road Bridge.

As investigators plowed across the marina property to get a better view, skeptical fishermen wondered who police are looking for.

Then police said the body has again floated away and the investigation is moving back to where detectives first spotted the drifting corpse behind the N.A.S.A. plant.

By the time Orleans Parish Coroner got there, the body was already fished from the water brought up in a small boat near the levee.

It was determined the body was that of a woman too decomposed to identify.

The coroner will attempt to determine who she is and how she died.


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