Lent Brings Long Lines of Customers Craving Seafood

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The Lenten season is all about making sacrifices.

On Fridays that means no meat.

Which means seafood is a popular alternative.

Pulling up to Drago’s in Fat City on the first Friday evening of lent, we find a jam packed parking lot and a line of customers  out the door.

“Very, very busy. It started at 11 o’clock this morning,” says Klara Cvitanovich, known as the reigning queen of Drago`s.

Cvitanovich says preparation is the key to handle large volumes of patron`s, at Drago’s to embrace their catholic traditions, “Everything has to be first class and identical from today, tomorrow, next week and next month.”

She says skyrocketing prices on seafood is taking its toll, “You cannot raise your prices every day.  We are trying to cope with it.”

One customer flew his private jet all the way from Jacksonville Florida on Friday just for the charbroiled oysters.

Once home, he emailed Cvitanovich telling her, the oysters were still warm.

Meantime, more people craving Drago`s charbroiled oysters, wait.