Search for Hayley Howard Continues

IRISH BAYOU (WGNO) – At 9:30 this morning, volunteers gathered in Slidell to plan the first foot search for missing 19-year-old Hayley Howard. The search took place in the Irish Bayou area because that is the last spot where her cell phone signal was picked up Saturday morning at 6 a.m.

Howard’s boyfriend was the last person to speak with her on the phone Saturday and she told him that some strangers had helped her fix a flat tire.

The Facebook page Help Find Hayley Howard has been created to help organize search efforts and spread the word about the missing teen.

Hayley Howard was driving a 2002 silver Toyota Corolla, she has a white iPhone 5 and had Mardi Gras costumes, a brown leather jacket and Physics text-book in her car.

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