Get the Skinny: Grab & Go Lent-Friendly Lunches

If the 40 days of Lent means many meatless meals for you, it can be a challenge to find quick & easy lunches that pack in enough protein, without loads of carbs and fat.  In today’s Get the Skinny, we’ve got 5 grab & go Lent-friendly lunches that are super-convenient and figure-friendly.

Burger stand-in on whole grain bun, or no bun at all:


·         Veggie Burgers like Morningstar Farms Grillers Original, Boca All American Classic, & Boca Original Vegan

·         Fish burgers like salmon, tuna, or mahi mahi burgers – Fresh or frozen

Smoothie King High Protein Smoothie – “Make it Skinny”

·         Per 20-ounce smoothie: 266 calories – 19 grams carbs – 14 grams sugar – 30 grams protein

Blue Runner Creole Cream-Style Red Beans

·         Per cup: 260 calories – 44 grams carbs – 12 grams fiber – 18 grams protein

·         No salt added is available for those watching sodium

·         Per 2 tbsp serving: 197 calories – 6 grams carbs – 3 grams fiber – 14 grams protein

·         2x protein of regular peanut butter

·         Serve on whole grain bread for a PB sandwich with 20+ grams protein

Frozen dinner like Atkins Shrimp Scampi

·         310 calories – 6 grams saturated fat – 12 grams carbs – 5 grams fiber – 16 grams protein

·         Frozen dinners aren’t ideal but they can be convenient.  And while it does contain white pasta, but it’s one of the lower-carb meatless frozen dinners on shelves

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