Carroll Irene Gelderman Is 2014’s Queen of Carnival

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(WGNO) –   This year’s Queen of Carnival is Carroll Irene Gelderman, who  comes from a long line of Rex royalty which includes another queen, her mother.

“She was queen in 1982. I have a great-uncle that was king in 1992. I have a host of cousins, uncles, and aunts that were maids and dukes in the court.  And,  my great-grandmother was a maid in 1925,” says Gelderman.

But, it takes more than who went before you to be chosen as Queen of Rex.  You have to deserve it, too.

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At Louise S. McGehee, she was a star athlete, valedictorian, and student body president.

She’s now attending Columbia University, where she has spent time studying overseas.

“I studied abroad in Italy two summers ago.  I got to brush up on my Italian, which was great. I got to travel a bit–went to Berlin. And, last summer I was in the Dominican Republic studying science,” says Gelderman.

But, with all that traveling, she’s still a New Orleans girl.

“I can’t imagine not living in New Orleans.”

Although, a trip to Hollywood may be another option.

“I’d really like to work in the film industry right after graduating.  I’m really interested in development, finding scripts, and finding directors to attach to them,” says Gelderman.

Now, she’s getting ready for her own Hollywood moment on Mardi Gras day.

And it’s not easy being the queen.  But it’s better when you’ve got a mom who’s been there before.

“I’ve been really fortunate to have her alongside me this year.  She’s a wealth of knowledge and she’s done it all before,” says Gelderman.

“I envision it being a whirlwind, but a fun whirlwind. I’m incredibly excited.  It’s been so much fun getting ready for it.  And, I can’t believe it’s almost here.”