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5 Things You Should Disinfect Frequently, and How

Besides your mouth, your hands have more bacteria than any other part of your body so the things we touch transfer bacteria and germs in a flash.

There are 5 things that should disinfect once a week:

Number five on the list are the doorknobs and light switches.  Think about the many people who touch those on a daily basis. A quick wipe with a damp alcohol cloth will get rid of those nasty bacteria in a flash.

Number 4. Toothbrushes and the tooth brush holder.  Just put enough vinegar in a glass to cover the bristles, allow them to soak for a couple of hours. Vinegar kills most bacteria and germs.  Rinse under hot water.  Place them upright in the holder to air dry.  The toothbrush holder is the third most germ-infected item in your home. Use a damp alcohol cloth to wipe down the outside of the holder. Then fill the toothbrush holder with an antibacterial mouthwash, let it sit for few minutes. Then rinse with hot water.

#3 Your TV remote control, it is constantly being exposed to germs from many hands.  Just a simple wipe with damp alcohol wipe or disinfecting wipe will zap those germs away.

#2 is your computer keyboard. It harbors many bacteria especially if other people are using the keyboard. Use any disinfecting wipe to wipe the keys clean. And don’t forget the mouse.

And the #1 germ infested item is your cell phone or your office phone.   Simply wipe the entire phone with an antibacterial wipe. Pay close attention to the mouth piece and the keys.


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