Tempe police report on Darren Sharper… “He was the only one who didn’t take a shot.”

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“She woke up In her bed and found that she was naked from the waist down.”

Krystal Singleton, chosen at random to read over a Tempe, AZ police report recounting statements from three women who say former Saint Safety Darren Sharper employed a tactic of sedate then rape.

Singleton continues to read the report illustrating a night-out clubbing on November 20th 2013, that ended up back at the alleged victims apartment where Sharper fed them shots. “He insisted that they had to take them since he made them. She stated that it was very odd that she became so incapacitated after one shot and apparently was completely sober before she took it.”

The Tempe report shows a pattern similar to previous Sharper drug and rape allegations.

Singleton reads on, “Sharper was the only one who did not take the shot.  She observed the girl to be completely limp as Sharper picked her up. She also was going to sleep but Sharper insisted that she take at least another half of a shot with him. Undisclosed name also reported that her bedroom door was locked a different way than she locks it.”

“Women pay attention to detail,” says Singleton, now speaking her mind, “I think it doesn`t matter whether you are a superstar or whatever profession you are in. Women know their body.”

All told now, the six time All-Pro stands accused of drugging eleven women, raping seven of them in four states, including the Warehouse District.

“You know yourself,” says Singleton. “You know how you feel.  You know how that area feels. And it’s very easy to tell whether you’ve been violated or not.”

Then our story takes a turn.

Reporter- “Have you ever run across guys like this?”

Singleton- “Oh, I`ve been sexually assaulted before.  Oh. Yeah. It`s not fun.”

Singleton remains brave, and then single handedly takes the spotlight away from Darren Sharper, to focus attention on protecting all women everywhere.

“Do not allow someone to force you to take a drink just because it is served to you,” says Singleton, hoping other women can draw from her experience.

“Just being aware of yourself is the best protection that you can have.  There`s courtesy and then there`s` safety.  And first and foremost safety.”