St. Tammany voters want a trustworthy coroner

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All four candidates vying to be the next St. Tammany Parish coroner pledge to restore the public’s trust in the office.

But which one will voter trust most?

In the running are Dr. Rob Muller, Dr. Charles Preston, Dr. Adrian Talbot and deputy coroner Dr. Leanne Truehart.

Concerned Citizens of St. Tammany sponsored Monday’s public forum at John Davis Center in Lacombe.

“It’s about misspending of tax dollars,” voter Ron Martin points out.

He says the  large turnout shows a great deal of interest to turn things around, “People are starting to make our political figures accountable.”

St. Tammany voters are still left with a bad taste since former parish coroner Peter Galvan resigned in disgrace after swindling pay raises, fancy dinners and fishing trips.

“It shouldn’t be about the fishing trips,” says Martin.  “It shouldn’t be about vacations. It should be about doing the job that you are paid to do and not screwing the public.”

“Public officials are just using and abusing and the people are really getting tired,” says Martin’s wife Carolyn. “And you will now be accountable for what you have done.”

With a front row seat, Joan Nasser says regardless of each candidates past resume and experience, people a want a straight forward corner with principle, honor and ethics, “I think anytime a politician breaks our trust it’s very upsetting.”

Whoever is elected will serve the remainder of Galvan’s term ending March of 2016.

The election is April 5th.