Good Morning New Orleans / NOLA Flavor

NOLA Flavor Savers with Jerk’s Island Grill Pt. 1 & 2

Mango Chili Ribs

House made sweet chili combined with a house mango puree

Ribs marinated minimum of 16 hour in a dry blend of seasoning prepared by legendary New Orleans chef Paul Prudhomme’s magic seasoning blends

Then smoked, grilled and caramelized

Side item of char grilled zucchini topped with our house made seasoned butter



Citrus Salad

Baby spinach leaves tossed with our signature coleslaw

Topped with Char grilled marinated pineapple

caramelized plantains

House marinated 21/25 grilled shrimp

Ripe avocado

and then dressed with our house made mango vinaigrette



Spicy Mango Teriyaki shrimp and lettuce wrap

3 Romaine heart leaves

Sauteed adobo marinated shrimp

Covered in our sweet and spicy teriyaki sauce

Accompanied with caramelized onion and bell pepper

on a bed of seasoned tortilla strips

House made Guacamole

Ripe avocados

diced onion

diced tomatoes

ruff chopped cilantro

sweetened mango chunks

a dash of salt and pepper

a squeeze of lime juice

and a splash of Melinda hot sauce to spice things up


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