Very Funny and Punny NOLA-themed Valentines

If you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day inspiration for your valentine, you need to know the right thing to say.

Look no further than, a new site with New Orleans themed valentines.

The site is filled with Valentine puns with a New Orleans flair.

A couple, Sarah Tiambeng and Jeremy Stewart created the website.

“I like to call it a valentine generator.  It is a site that pulls up some cool Valentine’s Day puns.  People would want something that shows their New Orleans pride.  At first I thought just my family and friends would check it out, but it has received over 60-thousand hits,”  Tiambeng said. takes submissions via Twitter.  All you have to do is #nolavalentines.  They’ll take a look at the submissions and the best ones will be put up on the site.

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