An Openly Gay NFL Player?

Missouri defensive end Michael Sam is an animal.  The SEC defensive player of the year and first-team all sec player had 11.5 sacks to lead the conference.  He led his team to a bowl victory and a #5 national ranking.  It was one of the finest years in Missouri football history. Michael Sam led the way.  Sam is expected to be a mid-round draft pick in the upcoming May NFL draft.  Oh, by the way, Michael Sam is gay.

As a matter of fact, Sam could become the first openly gay NFL player.  I stress could.  It’s going to be real interesting to see how the NFL brass handles this situation.  An openly gay player in the NFL would be a first.  Would a team overlook a players sexual orientation and draft him strictly on talent alone?  We’ll soon find out.  How about Sam’s bravery?  Coming out is hard enough, I would imagine, but doing it before the NFL draft, is nothing short of amazing.  I’d draft Michael Sam. For two reasons.  First and foremost, because he is a football player, pure and simple.  The guy can play.  And secondly because he’s shown the type of character that you would want on your team.  Michael Sam is a football player.  And Michael Sam is gay.  How the NFL teams handle this come draft day should be very telling.  Stay tuned.

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