Queen Zulu Arrives At Armstrong International Airport

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ZULU It’s a sign that Carnival Season is in full swing.

Queen Zulu Select arrived at Armstrong International Airport before a crowd full of energy and excitement.

WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter brings us the sights and sounds of a decades old tradition.

In a ceremony full of tradition and pageantry, members of Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club gathered at Armstrong International Airport to celebrate.

Their excitement could be measured by the smiles on their faces, down to the rhythm in their feet.

The brass band turned up for the annual arrival of Queen Zulu Select 2014.

“It’s a pleasure, it’s an honor and no words can even say how much this truly means,” Georgette Anita Langmins said.

The procession through the airport terminal was led by Kenner Police; much to the delight of unsuspecting air travelers.

The parade passed inches away from Pam Langille.

“And I thought that is really cool because I really like the way they were dressed,” Langille said. “My interest was peaked immediately.”

The pomp and circumstance continued with several honors presented to the Queen.

“On behalf of the entire Zulu Social Aid and Pleasure Club I want to say congratulations and welcome home. Hail Zulu.”

“Hail to the Queen!”

The Mayor of Kenner was on hand to present the Queen with a key to the city and a warm welcome.

“Thank you so much for gracing us with your presence today,” Mayor Mike Yenni said. “The world now knows who Queen Zulu is and we can’t wait to host you in the City of Kenner for Lundi Gras both of you.”

It was a traditional welcome home that would not have been complete without a toast…

“You are queen Zulu elect and you have a beautiful smile, but nobody’s better than your style.”

…And more greetings of approval.

“Happy Mardi Gras, all hail sip, all hail, sip.”

The organization has several scheduled events leading up to the Zulu Coronation Ball; set for 6pm Friday, February 28th at the Morial Convention Center.

Grammy award winner Patti LaBelle will headline.