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Unethical Politicians

Unethical behavior with our politicians has been something we tolerate way too much here in Louisiana.  One need look no further than the C Ray Nagin corruption trial.  Many illegal scams have been revealed but also many that technically weren’t illegal, just unethical.  10′s of thousands of dollars in meals charged to the city credit card.  World wide trips that cost tax payers hundreds of thousand of dollars.  Nagin was the master of justifying immoral conduct.  But he’s not alone.

Many politicians in Louisiana and New Orleans are cut out of the same cloth, enriching themselves and their families.  We’ve got politicians that live the high life off of their political contributions.  Or setting up family with state jobs.  Or even naming public buildings after members of their family when the person did nothing special or civic minded to earn the recognition.  But earning it or deserving it was never part of the equation.  Look no further than the Alario center or the Heitmeier soccer complex?  John Alario and the Heitmeier brothers named those facilities after their fathers who did nothing to earn the name recognition.  The Nagin trial revealed something we should all be quite familiar with, immoral and unethical politicians rule Louisiana.


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