House Fire Claims The Life Of A Retired Kenner Firefighter

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A retired Kenner firefighter lost his life Tuesday morning when his own home went up in flames. WGNO News Anchor Vanessa Bolano has the tragic story.

46-year old Emily Chaudoir feels numb. The two-story home she grew up is now a pile of charred rubble.

“It’s totally gone. Everything is gone,” Chaudoir says.

Decades of memories turned into ashes. Life for Chaudoir won’t be the same. Her father was inside the home and never made it out.

George Schilling was 79-years-old. Oddly enough, he was a retired firefighter who had spent two decades with the Kenner Fire Department.

“He’s been on the Kenner Fire Department a long time and that’s pretty much where I don’t understand how he didn’t get out,” says Chaudoir.

The State Fire Marshall is now investigating what went wrong. They believe Schilling died of smoke inhalation.

The home in a rural, secluded area off on Toney Road in Loranger in Tangipahoa Parish was engulfed in flames by the time firefighters got the call.

Chadoir says she spent all day Monday with her father. She says he often reminisced about his days fighting fires.

“He worked in Kenner and he did the Pan Am plane crash and everything, and he loved his job,” says Chaudoir, “He was working the fire department plus he was painting on the side, and there was five of us so he pretty much had to work a lot. It just seems unreal that he’s gone today.”


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