Nagin Begins Week Two of Corruption Trial Up Against the Ropes

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Ray Nagin`s federal corruption trial enters its second week in full swing.

Monday the former mayor’s wife and parents joined the defense entourage `s daily walk to court, “Same thing, we`re just going to be prepared and keep going forward,” says defense attorney Robert Jenkins.

Nagin was asked if his team won the super bowl, “My team didn`t get to the Super Bowl. Who dat!?”

Waiting inside Judge Ginger Berrigan’s chambers is an onslaught of witnesses who say Nagin took bribes while serving as mayor.

A total of eight federal witnesses poured over emails, phone records, invoices and alleged fake tax waivers, building a paper trail of hard evidence with testimony to back it up.

Former Deputy City Attorney Paul Ramoni testified Nagin waived property tax penalties for a movie theater project

He said in return Nagin got cash and a private jet ride.

Defense attorney Robert Jenkins argues his client waived certain fees to help rebuild the city faster following Katrina.

Several witnesses on Monday were never cross examined.