Joel Geiger, Slidell’s I.D.eel Man of Steel

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For our story, WGNO asked Slidell Metal Artist Joel Geiger to create a “little” something metal.

Instead, he created “a lot” of something metal.

Joel’s vibrant multi-colored, three dimensional, metal WGNO sign is big a hit around the station!

“Real reminiscent of Simon’s work,” says Joel. “Because it’s going to be News with a Twist and everything.  But I kind of wanted to do my own thing. So, in the spirit of Simon!”

Assembling bank machine parts from sheets of steel is how Joel saw a different way to cut out a living, “Kind of went from building little rectangular frames to man, I can design a whole scene.”

Gears shift, giving new life to majestic 3-D visions of New Orleans, sliced and diced from metal and mind, “Some of these I like to go with an antique look. It’s actually rust. I use a little vinegar on the steel, paint and then use an automotive clear coat.”

Like any true artist, their inspiration breathes imaginative strength, “This is my beautiful wife Christina Geiger. My sweetheart, right here. She’s my events coordinator.”

Christina’s on it, “Whether it be just helping someone connect with a piece of art they enjoy or if it’s someone who wants to rent out the shop.”

I.D.eel Design in Olde Slidell is a metal artwork exhibit gallery, Christina says has purpose, “We’re helping to revitalize Olde Town and that’s a huge thing.”

For a man redefining ‘metal head,’ new ideas keep flowing. “Making my business sign,” says Joel, “I realized we could do signs for other businesses. Came down, got a sign made and next thing I know every person on the street wanted one.”

Christina says I.D.eel Design’s metal artwork must be seen to believe “The three- dimensionality of it doesn’t really jump out until you are in front of the art.”

Joel says strategy from here is to cherish life, expand creativity and of course, keep the pedal to the metal, “It’s all metal. It’s just starting now. I don’t know where it’s going to go.”




I.D.eel Design

2260 Carey St. Ste 4

Slidell, LA 70458

Phone: 985.710.0126

Website –





  • Megan

    News tip: I think you all should do an interview on the REAL metal artist! Elliott Bowser of Slidell, La graduated from University of Louisiana, Lafayette and created his metal art business (L-E-it Design) over 7 years ago. He started in college when he was told to come up with an idea to make a profit from. He started hand cutting custom drawn fluer de lis…This boomed into more advanced techniques. He has taught himself everything he knows. However, Joel Geiger has learned everything he knows, equipment, programs, folds, techniques, designs, etc…, from Elliott Bowser. He has continued to infringe upon copyrighted designs. Even the sign that hangs outside of Joel’s “gallery” was in fact created by Elliott Bowser. You want to interview an extremely talented & motivated guy…Elliott Bowser. He’s much more then just a metal artist. He is a designer. He is an inventor. He is an original artist. Other then his custom metal art pieces that have been purchased all over the state of Louisiana as well as many other states, he has created the Neo Ray X-ray body that has been donated to several hospitals including Children’s Hospital in New Orleans. He has a patent on a magnetic hinge for an awesome set of tongs he designed. He has worked with several big companies to create original designs to meet their wants and needs. He prides himself on his hard work and originality. You want to see some truly phenomenal designs and techniques, Elliott Bowser is your guy. His first New Orleans skyline was handed by him to Drew Brees at the parade after they won the Super Bowl. It was also mentioned by Drew in an interview on The Ellen Show. He is an HONEST, true, unique & genuine artist.

  • Bennie Fulkerson

    News tip: Hey News with a Twist crew, First off I just want to tell you guys that I watch you all the time and I think you guys are hilarious! The reason I am sending this email to you guys is because I was watching a segment you had on Friday at 6pm about a guy named Joel Gieger that does the metal art. I know you guys have a great reputation and I’d like to help you guys keep that reputation. Joel Gieger is a complete fraud! 90% of what he said on that segment was a lie. Elliott Bowser is the original metal artist around here. He trusted Joel in the beginning and taught him everything he knows about metal art. Elliott has been doing this for the last, at least, 7 years now. He discovered the metal art in college back in 06 and moved back to slidell and opened up shop shortly after. Elliott has articles in magazines and news segments long before Joel was even a thought. Joel went behind Elliott’s back and stole all of his designs and ideas after Elliott graciously took him in and taught him everything. Joel also went behind Elliott’s back and stole his llc under the name L-E-It design. When you read that finetically it sounds like Elliott. Everything Joel knows how to do with the metal is because of Elliott. Even down to the way he rusts the metal using vinegar. Elliott accidently discovered that one day when vinegar fell on the metal. Everything Joel said in that segment was a complete lie. Joel has NEVER made bank machine parts out of metal and that is absolutely not the way he got started. Of course he’s not going to tell the world how he really got started by weasling he way behind Elliott’s back and stealing his ideas. And the i-d-eel design sign, yeah Elliott though of, designed, and even built that sign before Joel started showing his true colors. Joel has absolutely no talent what so ever and to call himself a designer is just a joke. The reason I know all of this is because I moved back to Louisiana about 5 years ago and I started helping Elliott build and sell HIS designs and metal art. I became partners with Elliott around 2010 and about 2 years later I met Joel. I was talking about the metal art and what Elliott and I do and Joel said, “wow man I’ve always wanted to get into something like that. Would it be okay if I came to your shop and helped you guys out?” I went back to the shop and told Elliott about it and at the time we were so busy that we did need help so we brought Joel in and taught him how to do everything. Elliott and I were looking at the building, where i-d-eel design gallery is now located, to turn into our own gallery. Well little did we know that the snake Joel had his own plans that didn’t include the guy that started this whole thing, Elliott bowser. I guarantee you guys would have a much better story with Elliott if you did a segment on him because his story is actually really interesting as to how he discovered the metal art and how he got started. Elliotts designs come straight from his own head. Joels designs also come straight from Elliott’s head, or they come from the Google search engine where he copies and pastes other peoples designs and calls them his own. I recently came up with a new name for Joel’s gallery called “I-STEAL-DESIGNS” I thought it was incredibly suitable considering the circumstances. The proof is in the pudding, guys.If you would have done the slightest bit of research you would have cfought this for yourselves. Elliott is all over the place in magazines, news articles, and was even artist of the year back in 2010 I believe. A lot of people are extremely upset about that news segment and I really hope you guys take that into consideration and do another segment on the TRUE METAL ARTIST OF SLIDELL, ELLIOTT BOWSER. I still love you guys, but I really hope you do the right thing and give credit where credit is due. Elliott has busted his butt getting to the point where he is now and he absolutely deserves the segment to redeem his talents. Thank you for hearing me out and keep up the good work. You guys

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