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Gay Rights in Russia

The heterosexual Winter Olympics games get underway next month in Russia.  You know Russia, the homophobia capital of the world.  Full grown adults in Russia passing laws that are absolutely ridiculous.  The Russian “gay propaganda law” essentially forbids anyone from promoting a gay lifestyle to minors.  It’s one of the strangest laws anywhere.  I can’t think of a single gay person anywhere that is out to promote homosexuality to minors.  What’s the point?  Gay folks, unlike many heterosexuals, understand sexuality is something you are born with not influenced by, and converting kids to the gay side is not a thought.  Why would it be?  Do you see heterosexuals trying to influence kids to be straight?  It obviously shows how clueless these Russians are.  At least when it comes to homosexuals.

Russians, as do many Americans, feel homosexuals are sexual deviants or worse sexual predators, looking to recruit children into their ranks.  That’s kinda funny when I think of all the child molesters  who have been outed, rarely if ever are they gay.  It’s always some married guy, like Jerry Sandusky, who’s doing the molesting.  Vladimir Putin, the Russian president, worried about the international fallout of the “gay propaganda law” said gay athletes are welcome to Russia, just stay away from the children.  And that was supposed to calm our fears.  The best advice I can give Putin, the Russian population, or anyone who is homophobic, when you know not what you are talking about, shut your mouth.  Informed opinions are like Putin, everyone doesn’t have one.


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