North Shore Prepares for Possible Snow and Sleet

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Bring out the scarves, hats, coats, and bundle up. Tonight it’s going to get cold.

“I really hate it when it’s cold. I like it when it’s warm,” says one North Shore resident.

“I got to get home, clear a few Eskimos out of my yard, and have some whiskey,” jokes another.

The polar vortex is back. Temperatures overnight are expected to drop and some may even see winter weather.

Tangipahoa Parish has Ray Brumfield and about 70 others on standby and over a dozen trucks ready to roll if need be.

“We expecting a little sleet maybe. We don’t know about the snow. A little sleet and rain and if it freezes we expected to go out and sand bridges,” says Ray Brumfield, foreman with Tangipahoa Parish.

In St. Tammany Parish Dexter Accardo, Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management says, “It looks like we’re going to miss any of that cold slippery stuff; precipitation in the parish tonight, so that’s it, but it is going to get cold. It’s going to get very cold.”

 To combat the cold St. Tammany has opened a shelter in Slidell. Across the lake, Jefferson Parish has two shelters open. New Orleans has enacted the freeze plan. Four shelters are keeping their doors open to keep residents safe and warm.

Tonight most will cuddle a little longer and many are hoping the snow, sleet, and ice stay out of sight.

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