Sheriff Gusman Appears Before A Mad Judge Marullo

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Friday afternoon, Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman appeared in the courtroom of Judge Frank Marullo who sent the sheriff a subpoena.

Marullo was angry over the handling of a contempt of court case by the sheriff’s office.

The prior day, Marullo ordered an attorney with the Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office to spend 24 hours in jail for contempt of court.

Once in jail though, attorney Christopher Bowman was allowed to leave and spend time performing community service at the DA’s office where he works.

Gusman says his office is well within its boundaries to assign community service in appropriate cases.  Marullo made it clear that next time, he wants jail time to be just that.

“Well, today he wanted to make sure that if this happens again, that the 24 hours will actually be held in the jail.  That’s what he said,” Gusman told reporters after leaving Marullo’s court.

Marullo also tried to subpoena the attorney, but Bowman is reportedly on vacation.  Marullo plans to send a new subpoena next week when Bowman is expected back at work.

“If he refuses service (of the subpoena), he will compound his problem,” Marullo said of Bowman.  “He better make his appearance.