“12 Years a Slave” Elevates Louisiana Films Industry Even Higher

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A New Orleans film is beginning to win some of the biggest awards out there, bringing a lot of attention to Louisiana and locals who worked on the film.

Filmed primarily in and around the city, 12 Years a Slave won this year’s Golden Globe award for Best Picture.

“It’s fantastic for the future because it shines a spotlight on us,” says location manager Gerard Sellers.

For Sellers, being part of this Golden Globe is a moment he will never forget, “Pretty spectacular to watch and it was a very humbling experience. The surprise to me was seeing people I actually worked with come up on the stage.”

“It’s very exciting,” says Alissa Kantrow, the production supervisor for 12 Years a Slave. “This is a giant feature film that’s bringing a lot of attention.”

Kantrow says the success of this local production has the potential to elevate the New Orleans film industry even higher, “The hotels, the restaurants. The casting directors, the extras casting people, the dry cleaners you name it. It’s just an incredible opportunity.”

Both local movie insiders says they’ll bask in the glow of this Golden Globe, then get back to work helping Louisiana film people find work.

“We have directly employed between 200-500 people on this project alone,” says Kantrow.

“You don’t have to bring it in from Californian, nor do you have to go to California, says Sellers. “We have the people that can make this work.”

Filming in New Orleans for 12 Years a Slave took seven weeks of principal photography with a production budget of $20 million.