Saints Take Seattle

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Tomorrow by this time, our heroes in black and gold will be in the 4th quarter of their battle in Seattle.  Will the Saints be in the game by this time tomorrow?  I think they will but it all boils down to one major statistic, will the Saints have any turnovers in the game?   If Drew Brees and the Saints offense can hang onto the ball and not give it up to the Seahawks, the Saints have an excellent chance for victory tomorrow.

Last week the Saints were fortunate considering they lost the turnover battle to the Eagles on the road.  NFL teams with two or more turnovers in the playoffs lose better than 90% of the time.  The Saints, with two turnovers to the Eagles none, bucked that trend.  Here’s another one.  Dome teams playing on the road, outside in the playoffs, in temperatures below 35 degrees, lose about 90% of the time.  The Saints bucked that trend too.  The Saints can control the turnovers but they can’t control the weather.  The good news is game time temperatures  will be about 20 degrees warmer than Philly, around 45 degrees tomorrow in Seattle.  Hopefully the wind cooperates too.

By this time tomorrow it’ll be the 4th quarter of the NFC divisional playoffs and if Drew Brees and the Saints offense can limit the turnovers, there’s a good chance they’ll be heading to their 3rd NFC title game in the last seasons.  No turnovers is the key.