Fan Torn Between Choosing Saints or Seahawks

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If you’ve ever been a fan of two football teams, you know your friends love to give you a hard time.  We found a man who loves the Saints and Seahawks equally.  His Who Dat friends say that’s blasphemous!  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini was there to watch the intervention go down.

Who will stand supreme?  Saints or Seahawks?

In one living room, it’s a battle between Who Dats and the 12th man.  Stephen Nutting is caught in the middle of the feud.  He grew up in Seattle but calls New Orleans home.  The problem?  He loves both teams.

“Right now I’m in a tough position because this weekend, obviously the Seahawks and the Saints are playing each other.  Obviously I’ve got family members threatening to disown me on one side and friends who are telling me I should be concerned for my physical safety on the other side, ” says Nutting.

Time is running out before the weekend’s showdown.  So who will Stephen cheer on?

“I have not decided who I’m rooting for yet.  And I don’t know that I will decide.  But I’m getting this, oh, my friend is staring at me in a menacing manner,” says Nutting.

Even if Stephen remains undecided, both Saints and Seahawks fans can agree on one thing…

“I’ve been called a turncoat, a sports bigamist, I’ve been called confused before, but I’m just looking forward to a good football game.  And whoever wins is going to crush San Francisco,” says Nutting.

Stephen says he did wear his Drew Brees jersey when the Saints played the Seahawks in December.