Saints Need Popeyes Chicken To Win Playoffs and Super Bowl?

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The New Orleans Saints might have a sure fire way to win their upcoming playoff games on the road.

As they head for Philly this weekend, players are talking fried chicken.  Specifically, Popeyes chicken.

Saints Wide Receiver, Robert Meachem told media sources that Popeyes chicken is the key to winning on the road.

Need proof?  The Saints went 7-1 on the road during their 2009-2010 season.  The same year they went on to win their first Super Bowl in history.  They had Popeyes on the plane every road trip that year.

So far this season they haven’t had Popeyes on the road, and their record on the road hasn’t been so successful.

Who Dat fans feel it’s time to bring the tradition back.

Fans said the reason they think the Saints need their chicken is because they need that “chicken spice” when they are playing in colder places like Philly.

The Saints haven’t won an away post season game in franchise history, so Popeyes just might be the answer.