When I think back to 2013 there are many big stories that occurred both locally and nationally.  Every year we look back and come up with something wonderful or tragic or heroic or not so heroic.  When I think about the heroes of 2013 and the biggest stories of 2013,  one story stands out: the trio of metro New Orleanians that fought for us and against the political machine and won!

I’m talking about the Crescent City Connection toll vote.  The first vote narrowly passed, renewing the toll for another 20 years.  But then the heroes stepped up.  Mike Teachworth, his attorney Pat Hand, along with an assist from Westbank Rep. Pat Connick , essentially went to court to overturn the election.  Alario, Heitmeier, and other political insiders desperately wanted that unnecessary toll renewed.  Gotta set up contractors and the like with easy money.  But Teachworth, Hand, and Connick thought otherwise. They went to court in Baton Rouge and succeeded in getting the election results thrown out.  A new elections was called and the measure failed, eliminating the tolls on the bridge.

If it was business as usual, you know, complacent citizens allowing the joker politicians to have their way, we’d be looking at 20 more years of tolls.  Instead the heroes stepped up and saved us.  I look back on 2013 and think about the true heroes that went to bat for us and against the politicians and essentially got the tolls roved from the crescent city connection, mike Teachworth, pat hand, and pat Commick.  Real heroes for all of us in metro New Orleans.  Happy New Year you guys and thanks.


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