Revelers Set to Welcome 2014 at Jax Brewery

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It’s a cold and wet New Year’s Eve in Crescent City, but Mother Nature isn’t going to slow this party down.

 “We thought this place might be warmer, but I think we were completely wrong.  This place is even colder.”

 “It’s very cold and rainy so you got to do whatever it takes to stay warm.”

 “Oh, but that hasn’t stopped the fans at all. It’s been jam packed all day.”

 Festivities lined the riverfront along the French Quarter. Kicking off the night’s performances is O.A.R. at the Allstate Sugar Bowl Fan Fest.

 The fest is free and picks up again tomorrow in the Jax Brewery parking lot off Decatur Street.

 “We were hoping the Mizzou Tigers would go to the Sugar Bowl and they didn’t,  so that was sad, but we decided to come anyway.”

 “I come here all the time. It’s like a second home.”

 “I’m excited to be in New Orleans. I live here.  I love it.”

 “I’ve always heard about it and I’m finally 18 so my parents are like go, have fun,  and I’ll be here tonight and tomorrow.”

 Tonight New Orleans is home to thousands of partygoers and tourists from near and far. Our fleur-de-lis drop has made Trip Advisors list of top New Year’s Eve events and others are taking note.

 “Wow. New Orleans New Year’s Eve is famous. It’s world wide famous. I mean where should I be if not here,” says a tourist from Italy.

 In Jackson Square the party continues.  It’s where crews are putting the finishing touches on the 8-foot tall fleur-de-lis that will drop at midnight signaling 2014 is finally here.

 “I’m really looking forward to 2014. Lots of new changes,  new beginnings,  you have great New Year’s resolutions,  now if you could only keep them.