News with a Twist Cures Holiday Blues with Giveaway

The holidays can be a tough time for people.  Some have a hard time getting into the spirit when things in their life aren’t exactly cheery.

Our “Christmas Elf”, Kenny Lopez decided he wanted to help spread some cheer.  He asked for people to send e-mails if they knew someone suffering from the holiday blues.

One letter struck the heartstrings.  It was a letter from Rene Poche about his wife Dale.  He wrote:


I’d like to submit my wife Dale for consideration.  For the past year she was the primary caregiver for her grandmother who passed away in October.   When her grandmother became ill last year, Dale left her teaching job to take care of her and they became closer sharing memories.  This is her first holiday season without her and Dale is really feeling it and has the “holiday blues”.  It would be nice to do something for her. Thanks.


Several local businesses got word of the News with a Twist holidays blues giveaway and wanted to help.  Dale was given dinner cruises on the Steamboat Natchez and Gray Line tours.   Mizado Cocina donated a $50 gift card.  The Spa at Windsor Court donated a 50 minute Peppermint massage.   Baudry & Brio donated 1-month of personal training.  Haydel’s Bakery donated a Christmas King Cake.

Once given the gifts she said, “It has been a difficult and hard time for me this holiday.  Thanks so much.  It is very generous.  I never expected this.  Thank you so much.”