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Talented Junior Golfer Making Birdies for Charity

A Junior Golfer on the North Shore is making birdies to make a difference in his community.   Beau Briggs, a Junior at St. Paul’s School in Covington, is hoping to raise thousands for the Covington Food Bank and the Kelly Gibson Foundation.  He’s a remarkable young man and took on charitable yet comical assignment:  teaching News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini how to play golf.

At just 17-years-old, Beau Briggs has an impressive swing.

“Golf is one of those sports that requires a lot more practice.  I think you really have to hone it over a period of time, says Beau.

Even as a child, his skills on the green brought home the gold.

“I used to sit in the backyard with plastic clubs probably just slinging around and kicking around in the backyard,” says Beau.

Now Beau is using his talent to raise money for charity.

Beau says, “My friend who’s a Junior at Northlake Christian, Stephen Wall, also started a charity initiative a year before I did.”

When Beau and Stephen aren’t making birdies for charity, they’re perfecting their skills too.  And who says boys can’t have a little fun.  The secret to Beau’s success may be in his shuffle.

Reporter:  “Clearly I have a lot to learn and I’m lucky to have Beau to show me the ropes.

Beau:  “The green looks like it’s going to slope a little bit to the right so you’ll probably have to hit the putt an inch or two out to the left to let it curb back in the hole.”

Reporter:  “So this requires some math?”

Beau:  “A little bit.”

It’s easy to understand why Beau loves golf.

Beau says, “It’s peaceful out here on a nice day. You come out here alone. You’re just working on your game and relaxing.”

So far Beau has successfully raised nearly $17,000.

If you would like to pledge or donate money to help Beau, click on this link:


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