Race is never to far away in almost any New Orleans discussion.  When the David Warren retrial verdict was announced the racists came out in force.

For the black racist it’s simple, a white cop, hell bent on finding some black people to shoot and kill, found Henry Glover. Essentially, Warren was up to no good.  For the white racist it’s equally as simple, Glover was in a stolen vehicle, coming to collect some stolen items.  Essentially Glover was up to no good.

For black folks to come to the conclusion that Warren hates blacks and was out to shoot and kill some is ridiculous. For white folks to think it’s ok to shoot and kill someone, even if they were stealing, is ridiculous.

Black folks have no proof at all that Warren was some rogue cop out for vengeance against black citizens of New Orleans. Obviously a jury of black and white folks thought the same thing.  White folks are equally delusional if they think, even in the aftermath of Katrina, you have the right to shoot and kill a looter.

The extremists in this city love to blame the other race on any issue that involves black and white.  They count on it.  It’s part of their very existence, their DNA.  Don’t look at the facts when racism can answer all.  There are no winners here, especially amongst the Glover family that lost a loved one.  But also the Warren family, who lost their loved one to over 3 years of jail time.  It’s time too move on and leave the black and white comments to the racists.


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