Mary Landrieu, The “Cousin It” of Personal Foulers

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If you watch a lot of football you’ve seen the “he hit me first”, personal foul penalty that usually does not get called against the guy that “hit first”. I’m throwing a personal foul flag at Senator Mary Landrieu, she hit first, on Christmas Eve, 2009, with her “Louisiana Purchase[d]” vote1 for the Gordian monstrosity that is the Affordable Care Act. That Landrieu delivered this smoldering lump of coal into 311 million stockings that Christmas Eve is not in question, unless you are Senator Landrieu’s TV persona.
In a TV ad2 that gives new meaning to the adjective “disingenuous” the 60th and deciding vote for ObamaCare, informs us she is “fixing it” the “it” being of the Cousin It variety from TV’s the Adams Family. But wait, that’s not all our healthcare heroine is doing for Louisiana’s apparently dumbfounded peasants, she’s “…urged the President to fix it3” too. Lady Landrieu even boasted that her “…bill…does just that4”. Of course you aren’t supposed to know that what needs fixing is what was broken by Mary’s Christmas Eve vote in the 1st place. Mary’s trying to make it look as though President Obama “hit first” and she is just the innocent damsel in distress with the rest of us that will suffer under ObamaCare. But Mary Landrieu is no damsel and has earned her distress. While her media cronies at busy themselves guilt-tripping governor Jindal5 into Medicaid “expansion” using paper alchemy and economic stupidity; citizens should know that Louisiana has an even bigger problem: we lead the planet6 in healthcare spending and that is on the rise. Rewarding the imbeciles that made this possible with re-election is like letting the football player who hit first, get away cheating. I call that, a political, personal foul.

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