Fast Food Workers Walk Off The Job

If you had problems getting your morning Egg McMuffin  on the way to work Thursday, you weren’t alone.  Dozens of fast-food workers walked off the job to protest low pay, saying minimum wage doesn’t cut it when you’re trying to raise a family.

Jacquay Johnson, a full-time fast food worker, stood in front of a Burger King in Gentilly complaining that his $7.25 hourly paycheck makes a daily struggle when it comes time to feed his 10-year-old son.

“$7.25 is unfair because that’s not enough to provide for our children nor pay the bills,” he told bystanders.  “$15 an hour is livable.”

That’s exactly what they’re asking for, $15 an hour, more than double the starting wage at most fast0food restaurants.  And they don’t think it’;s too much to ask of a multi-billion dollar industry.

“I just think corporations are being greedy making millions and billions of dollars.  they can’t take out of that to bump up the minimum wage?” added fast-food worker Rhonda Honeycutt.

At least one lawmaker turned out to show support.  State Senator Karen Carter Peterson stood with protesters, saying raising the fast-food wage could pull millions of Americans off welfare.

“75% of the workers here in New Orleans have to get government assistance even though they work full-time in fast food,” claims Peterson.  ” That’s not what we’re looking for when we talk about the American dream.”

The protest was part of a nationwide fast-food walkout Thursday.  Similar walkouts were staged in 99 other cities across the country.

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