News with a Twist

A Christmas to Remember at the Royal Sonesta Hotel

Tuesday evening, the Royal Sonesta Hotel held its 8th Annual Lighting of the Balconies.  Every year, the hotel picks two patients from Children’s Hospital to flip the switch.  News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini shows how two young girls will have a Christmas story to talk about for days.

A sight of Santa on the balcony.  Then in a jiffy, here he comes.  For two little girls, a dream come true.

Sisters Mady & Mikayla Watts say, “We’re going to light the lights and then have this party on and get this party started brother.”

The countdown begins.  3–2–1!

Mady & Mikayla flipped the switch, illuminating over 10,000 lights on the Royal Sonesta’s balconies.  The girls are patients at Children’s Hospital and boy do they have a lot of spirit.

Mady says, “I like to talk a lot.  I talk a lot though.”  Mikayla adds, “And she don’t stop.”

Royal Sonesta Hotel President Alfred Groos says, “I introduced myself.  I said I’m Mr. Al and she said you know Mr. Al, you’re handsome, even though you don’t have any hair.”

Yup, that sounds like Mady.

Mady says, “This is my handsome price right here and he is so handsome.”  Mikayla  chimes in, “Give the microphone back.”

Complete with the sounds of Opera Creole, it was a star-studded night at the Royal Sonesta.  There was jolly ol’ St. Nick, the Royal Teddy Bear, Sir Saint himself and former Saint Deuce McAllister.  He says, “People don’t understand what those kids go through.  It’s just great to help them out and put a smile on their faces.”

This year’s Royal Teddy Bear ornament was crafted by local artist Colleen Toye.  Proceeds from the ornament benefit the Children’s Hospital.  Last year, the Royal Sonesta raised over $3,300.  It’s a partnership that makes a difference during this season of giving.

Mady says, “I love y’all guys.  Could you please clap for me?”

You can buy the 2013 Royal Teddy Bear ornament from the front desk of the Royal Sonesta for $20.  All proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospital.   For more information, you can call the hotel’s holiday hotline: 504-553-2328.


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