A Trip To A Turkey Farm

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This Thanksgiving more than 46-million people will be eating turkey.  At High Tail Farms in Hammond they are busy processing and packaging the birds.

Anthony Cipolone and his wife Kaela own High Tail Farms.

“We take the turkeys from the first step of what they are to what they are supposed to be.  They go from being a feathered bird to something that a person can enjoy with their family,”  Cipolone said.

On this farm they’ve raised 30 turkeys, and this year 18 of them will become someone’s dinner.

“Whenever we end a bird’s life it is part of the process to thank it,”  he said.

Their turkeys range from 8 lbs. to 12 lbs and they cost about $3.50 a pound.

Cipolone said there’s a difference between a store bought turkey and one you find on their farm.

“The ones you get from the store typically have breeds they raise that are selected to grow fast and grow big.  When they do that there is not enough time for their muscles to develop, so you end up with flavorless meat,”  he said.

He feels it’s a unique experience to eat a pastured bird.

“Happy birds make tasty meat,” he said.

All their turkeys go through a specific processing and packaging process.

For more information:  hightailfarms.com

They also raise chickens, rabbits, and goats at High Tail Farms.