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It’s Called ‘Whoa-Ga!’: Horseback Yoga To Make You Say ‘Namast-NEIGH!’

‘Whoa-Ga!’ is the only horseback yoga program that teaches riding using yoga techniques.  Stretches are done on a yoga ball and then applied to the horse in a mounted lesson.  ‘Whoa-Ga!’ is about applying the biomechanics of a horse to help create balance for the rider and horse.

Cathy Reynolds is the author of the book, “Whoa-Ga! Horseback Yoga”.  She said that it’s a practice which supports balance and muscle memory to control the horse.

“Whoa-Ga! prepares the body for riding in forward and deep seat disciplines.  Yoga and riding have a lot of parallels.  In yoga you are taught to support your body.  In horse back riding, you are balancing a half ton horse,”  Reynolds said.

Lisa Massimini owns Angel’s Grove Ranch in Bush, LA.  Angel’s Grove Ranch is a horse rescue and therapeutic riding facility.  Massimini believes ‘Whoa-Ga!’ is great for the body.

“The whole horseback combined with exercise.  I don’t think you can find a better program than that,” Massimini said.

In yoga, it’s traditional to say ‘namaste’.  In ‘Whoa-Ga!’ you say, ‘namst-HAY’ or ‘namast-NEIGH’.

Reynolds is currently working on her second book with a video to go along with it.

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