Archbishop Hannan plays Pope John Paul II in the Second Round of the Division 2 Playoffs

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Running back Michael Froeba has rushed for 951 yards and 14 touchdowns. He’s started since the 9th grade.

Quarterback Korey Ziegler has thrown for 1,400 yards and 16 touchdowns. He’s started since the 8th grade.

Ziegler said the learning curve was steep: “It was tough. The hits were pretty hard coming from little league to varsity football the next year. It just made me tougher.”

The two have grown up and so has the Hannan football program. The Hawks won 6 games in 2011, started 4-0 last season, and this season they dream of going deep into playoffs.

Both Ziegler and Froeba say head coach Pat Lambert is fanatical about details, and that discipline has paid off against bigger teams.

“We don’t have the size that other teams have, so you have to be on your assignment every play,” Ziegler told WGNO Sports.

“He puts us in certain situations and what the defense might do,” Froeba said. “We have seen all the looks that the defense can possibly do, and we are prepared for it.”

Lambert’s influence goes far past football and especially on the high school level isn’t that what coaches are all about?

“He’s a great guy,” Ziegler said. “He really keeps us in line. He’s the best coach I have ever had in my life.”

“He makes me a better person, and how I go about my daily life, and like nothing is going to be easy,” Froeba said. “You are just going to have to work for it, stuff like that.”

The Hawks have won 9, lost 2. One more victory sets a new school record. And it is a record and a turnaround that began when a pair from the class of 2014 stepped on campus.