Mandeville to Get New Surveillance Cameras

Picturesque views, time to focus on family, and safety. They are just some of the reasons why residents chose the North Shore.

In Mandeville, Police Chief Rick Richard is proud of the fact that residents don’t usually have to worry about violent crimes. He says proactive measures keep the city safe. It’s why police are replacing old, outdated surveillance cameras in cruisers and around town, plus beefing up security by adding more.

“We want newer technology, better, enhanced images if you will. Plus, there’s some other places in that city that don’t have cameras now that we want to be able to capture video of should something happen,” explains Chief Richard.

The chief plans to install crime cameras in popular public spots: along parks, and the lakefront.

“We just want to be able to, if something goes wrong, have a reference that we can come back and look at,” says Chief Richard.

Residents have mixed reviews.

“The traffic cameras are an invasion of privacy as it is. They already have cameras at Sunset Point and now they want to put some on the lakefront, that’s a little excessive,” says Mandeville resident Jared Gaspar, “There is not a lot of crime over here. What are the cameras for?”

“I feel like if the criminals know they are being watched that they’ll be less opt to commit a crime,” says Mandeville resident Jennifer Smith, “This town needs to stay safe. That’s why a lot of people move this way, and I just feel like it would make for a better place to live.”

The chief hopes to have the cameras up and running by the height of Hurricane Season 2014. He says they’ll also be used to remotely monitor lake levels and see how high the water is as storms approach.


1 Comment to “Mandeville to Get New Surveillance Cameras” said:
    November 19, 2013 at 10:08 PM

    Big Brother is watching you. It will not be long before cameras are so embedded into our culture that we will forget what life-and Freedom-was like before them.

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