UNO Survey: More People Like New Orleans But Not Like Jefferson Parish

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Monday afternoon, UNO released the results of its 2013 Quality of Life survey which asks people in Orleans and Jefferson parishes a variety of questions.

Assistant professor of political science Ed Chervenak supervised the study.  He said that for the first time in about a decade, responses in New Orleans indicated a greater level of optimism.

“They’re happier than they’ve been in a long time.  I’m not going to say they’re happy.  They’re certainly not as satisfied as Jefferson where 90% say they’re satisfied with what’s going on there.  So they’re happier,” Chervenak said.

In one key area, New Orleanians showed more satisfaction than their neighbors in Jefferson Parish, the job outlook.  Chervenak call that a first.

In both parishes, crime is the number one concern of the people polled.  But it’s more than twice as high in Orleans, coming in at 62%.

As far a politicians go, Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s overall approval rating is just slightly lower than last year, coming in at 65%.  Jefferson Parish President John Young is also enjoying a high overall approval rating at 70%.  But Jefferson Sheriff Newell Norman’s approval rating is far higher than any other elected official, according to the survey, coming in at 81%.

UNO conducted its first Quality of Life survey in 1986.