Saints Receiver Lance Moore Talks About Big Hit On Brees

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It is a hot topic in the sports world.  Was the big hit on Drew Brees during the game against the Forty-Niners truly a personal foul?

The video of the hit clearly shows Brees’ neck stressed by the impact.  Some media outlets, like the Bleacher Report, are having a little fun with the way the hit appeared to stretch Brees’ neck.

Monday afternoon, Saints receiver Lance Moore agreed with the personal foul call.  He also said it was clear that the blow hurt Brees.

“It definitely hurt him.  He had a little blood coming from his mouth, but Drew’s a tough guy.  He stuck in there and made some plays for us after that,” Moore said.

WGNO spoke with Moore at a home that he is working with the United Way to restore.  The current owners of the home moved in during the same year New Orleans won its NFL franchise, 1966.  The home was heavily damaged by Hurricane Katrina.

Moore toured the renovation work on the home and talked a little football with reporters.