College Student Collecting Pennies To Pay School Tuition

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A graduate student from Gretna has big dreams of studying abroad in Italy.  The only problem is she doesn’t have the money to go.  She’s turned to social media and News with a Twist to help her raise money, one penny at a time.

The smallest of change is huge to 24-year-old Ana Veal.

“I’m undertaking a huge project.  I want to raise money to go to school in Italy.   I was reading a story about Mike Hayes, who in the 1908’s wrote to a syndicated columnist.  Mike was a college student from Illinois, and after the article appeared, Mike got 2.8 million pennies in the mail.  I wanted to encourage small donations, while still maintaining the integrity of what Mike did,” she told WGNO’s Kenny Lopez.

This Xavier University graduate is pleading for pennies to pay for her Master’s Program at Domus Academy in Milan, Italy.  She needs 3 million pennies, which will add up to $30,000.

“Kind of ambitious, but I think I can do it,”  Veal said.

One of the thing she’s enjoying most about her penny project is reading the notes, people are sending along with the pennies.

“I read every one, and I plan on keeping every card.  Many people are sending words of encouragement and advice, which is really sweet,”  she said.

This ambitious college student said to never underestimate the power of the penny.

“I find value in each one.  The other day I found a fortune cookie that read, ‘Don’t stop now’.  It reminded me to not look at the size of my dream, just to take it one step at a time, and realize that eventually I can accomplish something huge”,  she said.

So far she’s gathered about 57,000 pennies, or $570.

If you’d like to help her dreams come true, send your change to:

Ana Veal
P.O. Box 1482
Gretna, LA  70053

She’s also set up a blog at:

Her email address is:


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