Lions Club helping typhoon victims in the Philippines

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Typhoon Haiyan – Tacloban, Philippines

“We just arrived in Tacloban after more than ten hours of traveling: two hours by van and eight hours by foot, over electrical posts and passing by dead people along the way. People here are hungry. Me and my fellow aid workers arrived safely in Tacloban but the way we took last night looks like an endless path of misery. There are survivors approaching me, all are in tears, to ask for favors to send SMS for their worried relatives outside Leyte.”
“It’s normal to see people tired and hungry here but what struck me is when I saw one man sobbing, making use of his bag as his pillow and falling debris as his blanket. He sobs of out misery. ‘I’ve been everywhere to look for my two children, my wife and my mother, but I can’t find them,’ he told me. He lives near the seawall and his house was washed out by the strong winds and heavy downpour of the typhoon.”

Local efforts to help those in need are under way with help from the new Orleans Filipino American Lions Disaster Relief Fund organizing a donation account through Capital One to help those affected  by one of the worst typhoons on record.  Some central provinces of the Philippines are still inaccessible as crews still assess the damage caused by typhoon Haiyan across the Philippines.

“This disaster is a combination of Katrina and Sandy combined,”Robert Romero, Zone Chair, American Filipino Lions Club said.

“Every cent that is donated will go straight to relief,” Lance Harwell, Zone Chair, American Filipino Lions Club. “Every penny will be for the relief effort.”

The Lions Club International headquarters has granted $500,000 in emergency relief funds to the affected areas.

Donations to the New Orleans Filipino American Lions Club Relief Fund can be made at any Capital One branch.

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