The Governor’s Wife got cancelled … are you surprised?

No, I haven’t watched an episode of “The Governor’s Wife,” and now it looks like I never will.

Apparently, a show about a crooked ex-governor, who has no skins on the wall (except being a convicted felon) wasn’t good TV.  Imagine that. I’m not too shocked. When national figure Sarah Palin’s show didn’t get past the first four episodes, did you really expect Edwin Edwards to?

The dopey show reveals to America what we already knew: Edwards is joke.  A criminal-minded little man who has so few real accomplishments. A man who was governor of this state for four terms and has absolutely nothing to show for it.  Well, let me correct myself, WE have nothing to show for it.

This looks like it’s the last stand of Edwin Edwards.  The last time we all have to be embarrassed by this joker.  The ratings were absolutely terrible for his TV show and now, like the Governor’s fame and power, it’s gone, cancelled.

Dismal job as governor.  Dismal ratings on TV.  Did you honestly expect anything else from the Edwin Edwards?

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