Sweatin’ with Richard Simmons

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Richard Simmons is back home in New Orleans.  Our famous, fit and funny native son spent Veterans Day exercising with adoring fans at the Pontchartrain Center in Kenner.  So News With A Twist reporter Deepak Saini put on his short-shorts to find out why all these years later, people still prefer slimmin’ with Simmons.

Die-hard fans can’t get enough of Richard Simmons.

One fan says, “I have about 15 of them.  This is my favorite.”  REPORTER: “You have 15 “Sweating to the Oldies” DVD’s?   Fan says, “I have 15.”  REPORTER: What do you do with them all?  “I just rotate them.”

Another fan adds, “He does all the old songs that we can remember and we know the words to.  REPORTER: “So if he started twerking, that would be a problem?”   “If he started what?”

A sense of humor is nothing Richard Simmons is short of.

Reporter: I wore my short shorts for you today and you’re in leggings?”  Richard Simmons says, “I actually have my shorts underneath but it costs $500 to see them.”

While Simmons helps this crowd work up a sweat, some participants have their temperature rising for different reasons.

Reporter: “So Richard Simmons has a girlfriend right over there?”  Participant says “She’s pretty sure Richard is her boyfriend.  That’s what she told us in the parking lot.”  Reporter: “We’re going to have to go talk to her.” Participant says, “Absolutely!”

Reporter: “I understand you’re Richard Simmons’ girlfriend?”  Fan says, “Yes, I am.”  Reporter: Do you know how many women are jealous?”  Fan says, “I have a boyfriend back there and he’s very jealous.”

Another fan says, “I think he has cute legs and I wish I can have his curls.”

Another says, “I like sweaty men.   Love sweaty men.”

And who better to get me in shape than Richard Simmons?

Simmons says, “You know you did that like a Chippendale dancer.  I actually think you’ve been holding out on us.”

Kenner Mayor Michael Yenni proclaimed Monday, November 11, as Richard Simmons Day.