Rookie 610 Stompers Polish Dances For Debut

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Training camp if you will is underway for the 610 stompers.

WGNO New Reporter Darian Trotter reports behind the scenes on some rookies learning the ropes, and what they do when they’re not wearing red jackets and striped athletic socks.

They do it for the fun of it; for the love of entertaining, and for the love of the community.

“Volunteering dance moves which we never thought was possible,” member Brett Patron said.

And this year there are some excited new recruits to the wild and zany group of all-male dancers known as The 610 Stompers.

“We’re not trained, we’re not professionals but it’s just gives us a chance to try to be that,” Patron explained.

WGNO News was there back in the summer, when more than 100 hopefuls came out to audition.

After call backs, and deep scrutiny only 20 were chosen.

Joseph McCrory and Logan Roberts are among them.

“They’ve been busting their butts on weekends, at night and practicing a lot.”

“After two tryouts they called me back when I was out of town and told me I made it in,” Joseph McCrory said. “Tremendous honor.”

They are ordinary men, from all walks of life.

By day Joseph owns and operates hair salon.

He’s excited to be part of the team dedicated to community service.

The Stompers are celebrated for marching and dancing in unison, and encouraging others to get on their feet and bust a move.

Lifting spirits.

“The guys are fantastic, this is a wonderful organization and I’m having a blast already,” McCrory said.

Logan owns an online custom apparel company.

He moved to New Orleans from Brooklyn, New York four days before hearing about the audition.

“And luckily I made it,” Roberts said. “I’m not sure what did it, certainly wasn’t my dance moves as you guys just saw.”

As a whole, there are more than one-hundred ordinary men, doing extraordinary moves.

“To know that we’re able to make people smile and give back something positive in the community as we dance all for charity work,” McCrory said. “It’s a wonderful thing.”

The new recruits will perform publicly for the first time Saturday, November 23rd, at a basketball game at Tulane University during a half-time show.