Caught on Camera: Victim Runs Into the Man He Says Tried To Kill Him

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How would you react if you come face to face with the person who tried to kill you? An Uptown man says he locked eyes with the man that shot him six months ago and the encounter was caught on camera.

“This is the guy that tried to kill me the first weekend of Jazz Fest, and this guy was with him,” says Jeff Taylor.

44-year-old Jeff Taylor has always been vigilant. It’s why he’s trained for years learning self-defense tactics and Krav Maga, but nothing could prepare him for this.

Taylor says he randomly ran into the man who tried to end his life six months ago.

Describing the surveillance video Taylor says, “They just noticed me. I haven’t noticed them yet. He is pointing at his friends to turn around and go back the other way. They’re looking at me right now, talking to see if it’s me, and you’ll see, that’s me looking at him. I just noticed that that’s the guy that tried to kill me. His friend left. I turn around and look at him again. He hid his head. I’m turning around looking at him again. I know this is the guy that shot me that tried to kill me. He looks at me and then he leaves.”

“I’ll never forget his face. I’ll never forget that voice. When I saw him my whole body reacted,” says Taylor, “I think my image is engrained in his head too. He noticed me before I noticed him. So yeah, I guess we’ll probably never forget each other.”

Since his brush with death Taylor has lost about 40 pounds of muscle, he’s been in and out of surgery, and hasn’t been able to work. He says his training saved his life six months ago, and hopes his vigilance will lead to an arrest.

“This is a small town. It’s hard not to run in to anybody,” says Taylor.

Police have reviewed the video and are calling the man that Jeff Taylor points out a person of interest. They’d also like to question the other men seen with him.

You can watch the surveillance video here: