Much-needed surgery still pending for popular & admired service-dog Leroy

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He’s brought countless smiles to almost everyone he’s  encountered, but now one of New Orleans most beloved citizens is in need of surgery.

We’re talking about Leroy the service dog who roams the Irish Channel with his owner Frank always looking to spread happiness.

South Paws Veterinary Specialists in Mandeville is all set to operate on Leroy’s anterior cruciate ligament injury that`s left him with an unstable knee, “It`s a ligament that connects from the femur to the tibia,” says Dr. Bob Hancock while examining Leroy. “His left leg right here you can tell he`s really got his weight shifted off of it cause it hurts.”

Frank and his life line Leroy, who are very active, are preparing to stay put for about eight weeks of recovery time, “He`s gotta just sit there and do nothing which he`s going to hate,” says Frank.  “We`re hoping to raise enough money so South Paws can keep him for the first two weeks.”

Frank on his own has raised close to a quarter of the approximate cost of $5,000 dollars, which includes some physical therapy.

The wheels are now in motion to raise the rest of the funds needed for Leroy’s surgery, helping one of New Orleans most famous dogs.

When it comes to recovery, South Paws is equipped with all the latest doggy physical therapy gadgets, “This is our underwater treadmill,” say Dr. Bob giving a nickel tour of their facility. “We can fill the water up in here and make him more buoyant.  Therapeutic ultrasound and there`s also an electro stimulator that we use for these guys. Over here is our main treatment area and ICU where all the patients recover.”

Frank says whoever helps, will be mailed a Leroy post card, “The postcard, it`s of a painting that`s inside Parasols. If you call South Paws to make a donation they will address it right away and send it out to you.”

“I’ve actually seen him,” says Dr. Bob. “I had no idea that he was a legend at the time. He`s an easy one to do something good for. That`s for sure.”

How to Help

Dialing South Paws directly is the most effective way to help donate toward Leroy’s surgery.

Their phone number is (985) 809-1590.

To make an easy online donation, a PayPal account has also been set up for Leroy at