‘Tail’ from the cemetery: Dog remains “man’s best friend” after death

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This is a tale of a dog being a “man’s best friend”, even in the afterlife.

“Mr. Frank Masich passed away in 1893.  His dog was loyal and always at his feet.  After he passed away, the dog kept running back and forth to Mr. Masich’s tomb.  The dog eventually missed his master so much he grieved to death and wound up losing his appetite and dying shortly after, ”  Gerard Schoen, Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home, Community Outreach Director said.

The story goes on that a dog statue was placed at the foot of the owner’s tomb.

“The stone tears represent the dog grieving and missing his master,”  Schoen said.

Schoen said for years people have been stopping by the dog statue and putting bows around the dog’s neck.

Claudio Harold is one of those dog-loving people.  She’s so touched by the tale.

“I started saving some old bows.  I started putting the bows on the dog,”  Harold said.

The thing that gets her most is looking at the dog’s stone tears.

“There’s a lot of love put into the dog sculpture.  I mean, just look into the eyes,”  she said.

The dog’s breed and name have never been recorded.

“I think the perfect name for the dog would be Beau, because of the bows around his neck.  I hope he always has a bow, even after I’m gone,” she said.

In the afterlife…this pup is proof that some best friends are forever.

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