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Setting the table for a séance with a New Orleans psychic

New Orleans psychic Cari Roy has a special connection to the paranormal.

“I have the sixth sense, ESP, extra-sensory perception. Often people come to me as a medium because they’d like to connect in-depth with loved ones who’ve passed on,” says Roy.

There’s no better time to play host to a spirit party than now. First things first, you’ll need the right table.

“We had séances, my mother was a medium and so I grew up setting tables for the spirits.”

Roy says you set the table for the dead in the same way you would set it for the living. Creating a warm and welcoming environment is key to connecting with the other side.

“When it’s for living people you open the door and let them in, when it’s for spirits you sit down, you make a lovely space, you get in a nice meditative state and you welcome them that way.”

Roy says spirits communicate through senses like smell, taste or touch and that everyone can develop a relationship with their deceased loved ones.

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