Love It, Like It, Hate It: Halloween Handouts

Love it, Like it, Hate it: Halloween Handouts

There’s just no way to get around it, Halloween is one of the top sugar fests of the year — but it is possible to keep Trick-or-Treaters happy without contributing to candy overload!    In today’s Love it, Like it, Hate it, we’ve got the best & worst of Halloween Handouts!

Love it!

Popcorn Snack Packs like Angie’s Cinnamon Sugar & White Cheddar Kettle Corn

  • Per pack: 60-70 calories – 6-9 grams carb – 1 gram fiber – 1-4 grams sugar
  • White Cheddar:  Popcorn, sunflower oil, sugar, organic whey, organic cheddar, organic milk
  • Cinnamon Sugar: Popcorn, evaporated cane crystals, sunflower oil, cinnamon, sea salt

Annie’s Bunnies. Per Pack:  50 calories – 8 grams carb – 1 gram fiber – 3 grams sugar

  • Ingredients: Whole grain wheat flour, wheat (white) flour, organic cane sugar, sunflower oil…


Teddy Grahams. Per Pack: 60 calories – 10 grams carb – 0.5 grams fiber – 3.5 grams sugar

  • Ingredients: Graham flour (whole grain wheat flour), enriched flour, sugar, soybean oil

Toys like Halloween-themed tattoos, slap-wrist bracelets, bubbles, vampire teeth

Like it!

Pretzel packs.  Per Pack: 50 calories – 12 grams carb – 0 fiber – 0 sugar

  • First few ingredients: enriched (white) flour, water, salt


Flipz Minis Chocolate-Covered Mini Pretzels.  Per pack: 70 cals – 10 grams carb – 1 fiber – 6 sugar

  • Ingredients: Milk chocolate, enriched flour, corn syrup

Baked chips & Sun Chips.  Most are either whole grain & fried, or baked but just white flour


Hate it!

Pure-sugar candies like Starbursts, Skittles, Candy Corn, Laffy Taffy

Typical ingredients:  Sugar, corn syrup, hydrogenated oil, up to nine different artificial food colorings


Chocolate Candy Bars – Even just a few ‘fun-sized’ bars can quickly add up to more calories and saturated fat than a Big Mac!