Bourbon Street’s Dancing Doorman, Rome Cross

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“I’m a barker for The Swamp,” says Rome Cross, on a late night, already persuading people to go inside. “We have the world’s tallest midget. Come on in. No cover charge.”

Coming up with a crazy shtick on Bourbon Street can help when trying  to lure paying customers into the club, but this fifteen-year street hospitality promoter has by far, the most visually stimulating shtick of ’em all.

He dances!

On paper, a gimmick like dancing doesn’t seem too impressive. However, Rome’s electric moves are just one of those things in life  one must witness to fully appreciate (so watch video above).

Now known as Bourbon Street’s Dancing Doorman, cutting rug into pavement became a natural addition to Rome’s repertoire of propaganda.

“The job by definition is to create the party,” says Rome.  “And to make them want to come party with me.”

The Dancing Doorman must size up customers fast, “Changing my dialect, my speech pattern according to who it is that I’m talking to.”

See Rome Cross in action most nights in front of The Swamp,  “I love my job, that’s why I’ve been doing it for so long.”



  • Anonymous

    I wonder what the social security office would think about a person that is supposed to be disabled would think about this video when presented with it??? Don't look like he is too disabled to me…

  • Anonymous

    That's right he is working as a barker and is supposed to be disabled. He collects a disability check once a month because he is not supposed to be able to work. Hmm….. Anyone else here see the problem with this picture?

  • kristy

    Who ever posted about the disabilitly…the reason he was on disability was cause he was in an incident with multiple severe injuriesand could not work close to a year…he has been off that for awhile now…Ishould know…I’m his girlfriend…you shouldn’t judge unless you know the situation!!!

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