St. Tammany Parish Looks for Interim Coroner

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Dr. Peter Galvan’s resignation came at 5:30 Friday evening.

“They did receive the notarized version of Dr. Galvan`s resignation letter,” confirms Council Chairman Jerry Binder who says the first step to a new St. Tammany Parish Coroner is finding an interim coroner to serve the unexpired term.

Chief Deputy Coroner Dr. Michael De Fatta doesn`t want the job but will stay on for 20 more days, “He has declined to be interim coroner.”

Meantime the parish is taking applications.

“Among whatever medical Dr.`s provide their resumes who ‘only’ want to be an interim coroner” says Binder who adds that whoever becomes interim coroner, the parish wants them to stay clear of a busy election, “How do you be interim coroner and run for an election?”

Instead of holding a costly ‘special’ election Binder says grouping the coroner in with a ‘scheduled’ election will save money, “That would coincide with the city of Slidell`s election for council, police chief and mayor.”

After serving the twenty days as interim coroner Dr.  De Fatta will revert ‘back’ to Chief Deputy Coroner.

The election is the first Saturday in April.